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A JavaScript formatter tool is a program that reformats your JavaScript code to make it more readable and organized. These tools analyze your code and apply formatting rules to improve its consistency and readability.

Some of the formatting rules that our JavaScript formatter tools apply include:

  1. Indentation: Indentation is the practice of using spaces or tabs to align code blocks and improve readability.
  2. Line spacing: Line spacing is the practice of leaving blank lines between blocks of code to improve readability.
  3. Braces: Braces are used to group statements together in code blocks. JavaScript beautifier tools may apply rules for where to place braces to make code more consistent.
  4. Line length: Line length refers to the maximum number of characters that should appear on a single line of code. JavaScript beautifier tools may apply rules to break up long lines of code into multiple lines for improved readability.
  5. Commas: Commas are used to separate items in lists. JavaScript beautifier tools may apply rules for where to place commas to make code more consistent.
  6. Quotation marks: JavaScript allows for the use of single or double quotation marks to define strings. JavaScript beautifier tools may apply rules for which type of quotation marks to use.

How Do JavaScript Beautifier Tools Work?

JavaScript beautifier tools work by analyzing your code and applying formatting rules to it. Most JavaScript beautifier tools are designed to be used from the command line or integrated into your code editor. When you run a JavaScript beautifier tool, it will analyze your code and make the necessary changes to reformat it according to the specified rules.

Some JavaScript beautifier tools use a parser to analyze your code and identify its structure. The parser may then generate an abstract syntax tree (AST), which represents the structure of your code in a more structured format. The beautifier tool can then use the AST to apply formatting rules and generate a more readable version of your code.

Benefits of Using a JavaScript Beautifier Tool

Using a JavaScript beautifier tool can provide a number of benefits, including:

  1. Improved readability: JavaScript beautifier tools can help to improve the readability of your code by applying consistent formatting rules. This can make it easier to understand the structure of your code and identify potential issues.
  2. Consistent coding style: JavaScript beautifier tools can help to ensure that your code adheres to a consistent coding style. This can make it easier for other developers to understand and work with your code.
  3. Time-saving: JavaScript beautifier tools can save you time by automatically reformatting your code according to predefined rules. This can be especially useful for large codebases or when working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  4. Reduced errors: By improving the readability of your code, JavaScript beautifier tools can help to reduce errors caused by misinterpreting code structure.


The original javascript code is:

const num1=parseFloat(prompt("Enter first number: "));const num2=parseFloat(prompt("Enter second number: "));const num3=parseFloat(prompt("Enter third number: "));let largest;if(num1>=num2&&num1>=num3){largest=num1}else if(num2>=num1&&num2>=num3){largest=num2}else{largest=num3}console.log("The largest number is "+largest);

The formatted source code is:

const num1 = parseFloat(prompt("Enter first number: "));
const num2 = parseFloat(prompt("Enter second number: "));
const num3 = parseFloat(prompt("Enter third number: "));
let largest;
if (num1 >= num2 && num1 >= num3) {
	largest = num1
} else if (num2 >= num1 && num2 >= num3) {
	largest = num2
} else {
	largest = num3
console.log("The largest number is " + largest);

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